Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Dream: Revive this Old Barn for our Workshop

Just want to document a little project that Brett and I worked on this past week. We entered the Chip-Starter Contest put on by Chip Gaines from Fixer Upper. The theme was "No dream or goal is too big!". Wish I could say we made the finals... but that is not our case. We just barely got our video submitted in time before the contest was over. I'm so glad we tried... it was good for us to work on this together.

About this Project:

Brett built our cottage out in the country, now we have our sights set on our old barn that has stood for over 100 years. It’s time for a revival! Our dream is to bring this barn back to life to be used as a home-based workshop for our family. This 30′ x 40′ structure is ideal for Brett’s carpentry shop work and for me to work on my vintage and antique furniture projects. We have in mind an open workshop with a separate room to do finishing work (paint, stain, etc.). For the exterior, a white board and batten barn would be simply perfect. This barn is part of the history of our farm and we don’t want her to fade away. She has such great potential and would serve a great purpose for our family.

Video Entry...

Would love to see her come back to life! Maybe someday. It's been good to dream lately.

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