Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Special Delivery

Something special arrived this week for my kitchen.

Here's clue #1:

Clue # 2: sorry it's a little blurry.
Okay... I can't wait any longer.... here she is... all 132 pounds of her. The freight package actually weighed 180 pounds! I couldn't stage a pretty picture as she is too heavy so you will just have to enjoy my apron/farmhouse sink in the box:)

And here's some pictures of what I have in mind for her in my kitchen.
Both the pictures are from Pinterest.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The House is Painted...just not what we had in mind.

I've been absent from the blog for awhile, not that I am a dedicated blogger by any means but eveything has felt like a fight recently. What's the law that says "if it can go wrong, it will"? That's kinda where we are at, so I just think it's best that I keep myself quiet :) No use complaining in the midst of it when you lack perspective right? I just pray... ALOT... and the Lord slowly works me through it. That's how it's always been with me. So, painting the house proved to be no different for us. I thought we had picked out a beautiful GREY/BLUE color. However, it was not what we had in mind at all. Apparently, we picked out a very light blue that at certain times of the day looks periwinkle and even lavendar at times. I guess looking at a swatch of color indoors does not take into effect the "light reflective value." I thought I had learned this lesson already but I did it once again...nice work!

Take a look for yourself:

It's a bummer for sure, but no use worrying about it now. If the color doesn't "grow on us" it can be changed later. No time or money to fix that mistake at this point. Live and hopefully really learn this lesson for next time :)

Here's the boom truck that the hubs rented to help paint the house. She's a vintage beauty and she worked perfectly!

One last shot before my house became the periwinkle girl!

The month of November is all we have left to get this done. (the royal "we" of course) Holy moly does my husband have alot to do. We need a miracle Lord! thanks in advance!