Tuesday, March 20, 2012

children's table and chair set for my little lady...

My sister Alana bought this children's table and chairs set for little miss at a garage sale last summer. The grand total was $2.50 (now that's what i call a deal)!

I finally got around to spray painting the set and sewing a little table cloth for it. Here's how it turned out.

The little play area finally came together this past week. We added the table and chairs to the PINK kitchen set (stove, sink, fridge) that the hubs built for Averi when she turned 2 years old. (it was of course inspired by the children's pink pottery barn set)

That husband comes in pretty handy! Little miss has loved playing with her pretty pink kitchen.

So, now that she has her table and chairs... she has opened up her little sweet shop for business. She serves the best brownies!

oh... and cupcakes as well.

So, if you're in our area Averi says you can stop by and she'll serve you some sweet treats (but she did inform me that she is closed on Wednesdays).

If you're lucky you'll get to meet this little guy as well! B-boy is Averi's FREE helper who sometimes breaks things and messes up her shop so he never gets any tips either.

We're happy to finally have the table and chairs done. It's turned out to be a great little play area and little miss is glad to have claimed the space for now. She knows her days are numbered with another brother on the way :)

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Monday, March 12, 2012

my vintage PINK sofa...

This was my project last week: my vintage Pink sofa!

I found her at a used furniture store and couldn't pass her up. I know many people do not like the idea of used furniture but it doesn't scare me one bit, especially if it's pink. She's beautifully built and has all sorts of hand carvings on her (this past week i came to despise those carvings).

My husband wanted me to leave her "as is" but that was never my intention when I bought her. I was fine with leaving the upholstery alone for now as she still has some years left BUT the wood frame was going to change. I had it pictured painted white. So, that's what kept me busy ALL WEEK long. I taped off small sections and went to work. Step one- liquid sand, two- stain blocking primer, three- first coat paint, four- light sand and finally five- final coat of paint. After I completed those five steps, I taped off another small area and repeated the process. It was tedious to say the least, when I reached the carvings I was using three different brushes including an eye make-up brush to get the coverage I needed.

All said and done, I am pleased with the results. She looks so fresh and clean. I stayed with it all week and didn't complain once because I knew that's why my hubs just wanted me to leave it alone. He would come home in the evenings, inspect my work and progress, smile and tell me it was my "best work yet". Melt my heart... I love that man. Gave me the strength I needed to finish it. I have learned my lesson and will NEVER paint the wood frame of a sofa again (unless i have chalk paint or a frame with little or no carvings).

I'm playing around with pillows and I really like the chevron print in the mix.

This week, I just want a really easy project so we'll have to see what I can come up with.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

a perfectly charming little table...

I found the perfect little table at Goodwill for little miss.
Her room is in the works, as well as every other room in our home. This is her bedding and curtains (Simply Shabby Chic from Target of course). I LOVE the color pallet. I decided to bring in another fabric when working with this table. It ties into the bedding perfectly and looks so cute with the table. Here's the supplies I used:
AND here's how the table turned out.
Doesn't the fabric look so charming?!!!
We're not exactly sure how we will dress her up but here are a few of our favorite things: aqua mason jars, PINK Flowers, candles and horses. Little miss has started a fun collection thanks to a great uncle from Chicago (thanks Andy!).
We'll figure it out one of these days. I'm just thrilled with how the table looks. It's one of those rare projects that turn out just how you had pictured it in your mind.
To support little miss A's dream of horses, I've started gathering art work for the vintage frames I've been collecting. I bought this FABULOUS black and white photo from Laura Will's Photography (thanks so much Laura... it's beautiful!) Here's how it looks with the vintage frame.

I couldn't help playing around with the table, pretending it was mine.
But the little lady has informed me that it is NOT mine and it is in fact the perfect bedside table for her. I think she's right. It really is such a sweet and charming little table.

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