Sunday, May 6, 2012

the master bathroom...

Welcome to my favorite room in our little country cottage:
the master bathroom.
This sink is one of the first things I picked out for our home.
It has a great vintage feel about it. I admired them in Pottery Barn's magazine but knew that they would never be in our budget. Then the hubs took me shopping one day and showed me that Menards carried a version of the sink I fell in love with. Hallelujah!!! We bought three of them... one for every bathroom in our home.
I like that you can create your own storage underneath it. I painted an old picnic basket and will use it to store wash cloths and hand towels.
Here's the medicine cabinet and light fixture we chose to go with the sink.
After finding the perfect sink... I knew I had to find an old claw foot tub to go with it. I did (craigslist) and my husband refinished her for me.
Isn't she beautiful? One of my favorite things about our house plan was the fact that the master bath allowed for a soaking tub! I was sold on it when I saw that... I love soaking in hot bath. It's the simple things in life right?
Thanks to my brother-in-law Seth and father-in-law Greg, we have a tile shower (white subway tile). It's beautiful I promise, BUT I didn't clean it so it's going to stay hidden behind the shower curtain :) The shower curtain stays true to the shabby/cottage style that I love and hides the cheap/ugly shower door. That's a win/win in my book. 
Simple lace curtains were the final touch for this bathroom. I found the panels at a thrift shop and my mom saved me alot of time (beginner sewer) by cutting them to size and sewing them for me. Thanks Mom... love ya!
And finally, nothing exciting here... but yes we have a toilet as well. All important matters of business can be taken care of in this room :)
Well, I hope you enjoyed my cozy little bathroom... I sure do. If you care to read about our trials and tribulations getting the tub set and bathroom finished you can do that here .
Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!