Tuesday, November 25, 2014

a French inspired fruit crate

I'm a huge fan of Dreamy Whites. Have you heard of it? Maria Carr has an online shop where she sells beautiful French farmhouse wares. They are so dreamy and inspiring.  She also blogs and her photography is an art form in itself. I LOVE to look through her photos on the blog as well as the ones she shares on Instagram. Well, she sells these amazing vintage French strawberry crates. (click here if you want to see them) As fun as it would be to buy one, $125 dollars just doesn't work in our budget. And since I have such a talented husband... I asked if he would "please, pretty please" make me one.

My husband did not let me down. I love that man! He determined the dimensions that would work best and was able to achieve the vintage aesthetic that I loved. So, in it's most basic form... it's a fruit crate...

However, it's so pretty and charming, it could be used in a lot of ways. I had fun putting together a few different settings...

and the good news is... he made a couple more for me to sell at Lucky Star Market the first weekend in December. Come take a look if you appreciate the character and charm of these. I'll have some pretty vintage housewares that you can mix/match and put together a really great gift for someone or even yourself using the crate. The dimensions are: length- 15 in. and width- 10 in. height- 8 in.

Thanks for stopping by!
I promise that a furniture post is coming next... I've just gotten a little carried away with pretty housewares lately :)

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  1. Such a great idea to make the crates yourself! I see some basic ones in antique markets going for $60+!
    I like the idea of putting breakfast/picnic items in them too :-)
    Thanks for linking up at the Talented Tuesday Link Party :-)

  2. So glad I found you post,,,,stopping over from Sweet n Simple blog hop. I am a huge fan or farmhouse wares and will be sure to visit Dreamy Whites. Looking forward to having a look around your blog. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Thankful for those talented hubbies of ours too...we are definately DIYers and have saved sooo much money on projects as well. Great job on the crate!

  4. What a talented hubby you have! That would be the perfect porch decoration for any season! Thanks so much for linking up at Talented Tuesdays :)


  5. I LOOOOVE this crate! It has the PERFECT vintage, rustic look! I am SO making this! (Ehem... asking my hubby pretty please, I mean...)
    Thanks for sharing:)


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