Monday, April 28, 2014

My First Market

I survived my first market and was able to snap a few photos of the booth. It was a great day and something that really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I learned a lot and hope to get better each time.

  I kept telling myself that unexpected things would come up and that I would just have to roll with it. I'm the type that likes to be prepared and know what the plan is... exactly. Therefore I'm not the best "roller" if ya know what I mean. Well, the first curve ball came the day before market when I learned that the ladies in the booth next to me were moving outside. I was told that I could stretch out my booth to fill the space. For most vendors... that is probably a dream come true. For me, who had my booth all planned out and just enough stuff to fill it... this was a tough curve ball. So, I didn't say much. I unloaded my stuff and set up as I had originally planned... knowing I would be back very early in the morning to change it all and finish my pricing. I had the night to figure out what to do with all that space. I came home tired, anxious, and hungry... that's a very bad combination for me. When I told my husband we would need to be there early the next morning to price and make changes to fill the space, he mistakenly asked me what I had done all afternoon. I informed him. I talked to my mom for a bit and she said I could bring an antique iron bed frame to the market that she had painted and wanted to sell. That was very helpful. So, I prayed and finally went to bed around 2 AM with my alarm set for 4:45. Surprisingly I woke up refreshed, got ready and put my brave face on. I was able to enjoy the beautiful sunrise that morning...

Off to the market we went... later then planned (of course). It worked out fine... a little sparse but not too bad and we got the pricing finished up just in time. The great thing about the whole situation was that we were able to set up a check-out area (off to the side) with a table for writing receipts and the cash box. I am sooooo thankful for that and for my husband who got assigned the position of "money man" for the day. (Thanks babe... wouldn't have made it without you!) It was wonderful. People could shop the space and not feel crowded while Brett and I (both introverts) sat in the safety of our little corner. I loved spending the day with him. Thank you Lord for the little blessings that we don't see right away... but yet you work out perfectly for us.

So here's how the booth came together...

I sold some furniture and lots of housewares that day. It was great to visit with the customers and get feedback. I loved having friends and family stop by and say hello... funny how comforting that is.

For my first market, I am so glad it was with the Lucky Star Market. The community gets involved and the attention to detail really impressed me. Jody, who directs it, is amazing and so helpful. As a vendor, they fed me a cinnamon roll from Valentino's (of Ames) for breakfast and then at lunch they surprised me with this...

a boxed lunch from The Bistro (of Story City). How sweet is that?!!

Meeting and seeing what the other vendors do was great as well. I collected some cards from the ones around me. I'm inspired by all their work... still have lots of websites and Facebook pages to visit.

So that's my market story. It was good to get home to all my sick kids (thanks so much family for watching and caring for them) and rest.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That's wonderful! I love your apron! xoxo

  2. Your booth looked wonderful...what a pro!! I'm so glad you set-up at this market...would love to meet again over coffee and evaluate. I learned a lot at this show as well (for me, sometimes bigger isn't better:) Hope you feel rested and your kiddos are feeling better...we've all had colds here, too.

    1. Thank you Brenda. Yes, we need to get together again and chat. I want to have you and Jody over to my house for coffee/tea sometime soon. I didn't make it out to your tent... but my mom said it was staged wonderfully as always. She loved that vintage bike! We'll talk soon.

  3. I love the look of your set up, how wonderful your hubby stayed with you. My hubby does the same for me. Di@Cottage-wishes

  4. Oh my word, it's all so gorg! I wish I lived closer as I'd snap it all up. I'd love to have a booth too…have to try to find the same and energy ;) Congratulations!
    Hugs, Jamie

    1. Thank you Jamie! You're so sweet. I hear ya on the energy thing... hope you can find a fun market to join. It's fun and challenging all at the same time.