Monday, November 13, 2017

On the hunt for these vintage pieces...

I'm focusing on building up a great little collection of vintage rentals. "Small but mighty" is the mindset. Since I have so many helpful (& thrifty) friends and family members, I thought I'd put an inspiration post together to give you all an idea of what I'm looking for next. Many of you have even asked me about this. I so appreciate your help as I stretch my nickels and dimes to pull this together. Between Brett and I, we're able to do the work that is often needed for these pieces. We'll need to find most of them before they hit the antique shops.

The starting point is pretty tables, buffets and dressers. They are versatile pieces and "must haves" for so many events. Here are some ideas....

Gorgeous table setting. Chris Isham Photography.

Gorgeous Rustic Barn wedding cake table with easy diy balloon garland.

vintage dessert table #desserttable @weddingchicks

Mix up the dessert bar with some seasonal variety mini pies

Found Vintage Rentals / furnishing used as a dessert display

Farmhouse Tables, in particular, are what I'm looking for...

Sweetheart Table  Bachant Table at Found Vintage Rentals. Rustic light wooden farm table seating up to 6 guests 

Distressed wooden table with drinks and covered in flowers: Photography: Sally Pinera -

I would love to add a wood fireplace mantel to my collection. I'm seeing these more and more and I absolutely LOVE them! Hope to have one in my collection very soon.

=== — — === Anna and Nathan’s outdoor ceremony looks like a breath of fresh air to me. The beautiful open field and prodigious tree at Blue Ribbon Vendor venue, Vinewood Plantation, provided the perfect Southern backdrop that they were looking for! Anna and Nathan’s goal throughout their wedding planning was to create a comfortable …

White Fireplace Mantle (tall) by Borrow my Vintage.

A charming old church pew would be a wonderful addition. Some places are gathering sets of these and using them in both indoor and outdoor settings. I will happily start with one.  

white church pews with colorful florals in aisle at outdoor wedding ceremony | Simply Charming Socials | Atlanta Wedding Planner

boho wedding idea - vintage church pews and and outside wedding ceremonyI'm so into this!!!

Archive Rentals Little White Chapel and Rustic Church Pews are a tasteful nod towards traditional. See more here:

I need to find a settee and/or sofa. It's a tricky piece for me because I'll need to be able to use it "as is" before investing in reupholstery. The lounge areas that are created with settees, sofas and chairs are so fun! And often these pieces are used for photo shoots as well.

 I am looking for inspiration to upholster an 18thC. Italian settee and came across some beautiful images of French and Italian upholstered settees, most of them embellished with cushions. Whether upholstered in damask, velvet, linen or cotton, all can be beautiful, depending on the style of the room where it has to

Luxe Barn Wedding Inspiration | Braedon Photography |

Boho chic outdoor lounge area: | Photography: Tec Petaja -

Malibu Wedding with Katie Vowels for Annie McElwain, Green Ribbon Party Planning Co, and Found Vintage Rentals

Vintage gold décor for your wedding. Lovely white mantel, empty golf frame with fresh flower arrangement in the center. Beautiful old, vintage chairs with side table in between. Charming and very pretty.

And finally, I need to find an old general store counter (or something along those lines) to work with. It can be used as a wine/bar area or for food buffets.

Jan + Larry | Found Vintage Rentals

Blog | Found Vintage Rentals | Rent Vintage Furniture in California for Weddings, Events, Parties, Photo Shoots
667 Likes, 19 Comments - Jeni Maus | Found Vintage (@foundrentals) on Instagram: “One of my favorite bars in the #foundvintage collection. I purchased this beauty in a tiny village…”

awesome bar

If anyone wants to find me a quaint and charming store front like one of these, I say go for it. I would actually love to have a shop in Boone, Iowa if time keeps marching on. I think Boone needs to become an antique town filled with shops, cafes and charming B&B's. 

16.4k Likes, 95 Comments - Pretty Cities of Instagram (@theprettycities) on Instagram: “The more old fashioned the better in my book ☺️☘️ gorgeous find in #Kilkenny #ireland by…”

Je Veux Ton Amour

There you have it... it's a dream list for sure. One step at a time. Let me know if you come across any of these gems. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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