Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Farmhouse Table

I was so excited when I saw this table listed for sale at Furniture Zone  in Boone, IA. You just never know what treasures you might find there.

It's a fabulous reproduction farmhouse table. I love these!
The husband agreed, so I bought her and sold my other table.

Here's the table that I bought via Craiglist and painted before this one...

She was great but my painting has improved and I was ready to move on. Especially when I found the style I love and the farmhouse table fits our dining room space so much better.

Since my husband was home for 4 glorious days over Thanksgiving, we went to work on some house projects. I decided to try a little something new for the table top. I didn't want to have to buy anything so we worked with the materials we had on hand...

I started by mixing some of my French Linen Chalk Paint with water to create a wash. I didn't measure or anything... just mixed till I thought the consistency was right. Then I applied it with a brush... (warning: the lighting is not great in the work pictures because i work at night when all the babes are sleeping)

Here's the completed French Linen "wash" on the tabletop...

Then my husband applied a coat of Sherwin Williams Pickled White Oil Stain over the French Linen wash...

When that was dry, I did some sanding...

This is where all the work photos stop. I forgot to keep that up. After I sanded to get the look I liked, Brett finished the top by applying two coats of the Minwax (water based) Helmsman Spar Urethane. For the rest of the table, I painted her using the French Linen Chalk Paint.

Here's how she turned out...

The chair dilemma remains. I love the wood tones brought into this room but I'm not crazy about these chairs. I have a few ideas of what I like but we'll have to see what I can find.

and truth be told... i will never be cured of my love for Darcy :)
This chair is by Rachel Ashwell and can be found here.
It's my "someday" dream chair... after I work really hard and sell some big projects.
Always good to dream!

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  1. what an amazing job you did on the's just beautiful. I'm sure you'll be selling a lot soon so you can have your chair.
    Bec x

  2. Your table looks amazing, I am so impressed. I hopped over from Savvy Southern style, your image caught my eye as I am also doing some makeovers with this paint, I hope to feature a chest of drawers tomorrow on my blog. It is my first attempt but as a oil artist I like to think my skills have come in handy as my drawers have not turned out too bad. Like you I wanted a French look. I must check out more of your makeovers.

    Lee :)

  3. I love the farmhouse table look and you did a beautiful job painting yours.

    I am amazed you have the energy to paint after the kiddos are in bed.

  4. This is a beautiful transformation! Great job!

  5. Love it! After the ASCP on the legs did you use wax or the Minwax Urethane?

    1. thank you. good question... i finished the apron and legs of the table with 2 coats of the soft wax.

  6. How lucky you were to find a treasure like your farm table...your work on it is fantastic!

  7. Love your finish! Pinned to my farm house kitchen board:)

  8. I am always amazed by the difference a little bit of paint makes! You did a beautiful job!

  9. I nominated you for the Liebster Award... to accept head on over to the blog!

    Have a happy New Year!