Tuesday, November 6, 2012

thrifting and some great vintage finds...

 I declared an "independence day" for myself and went thrifting this past weekend.
What that means is I left the hubs home with the two older kids and said...
"I don't know when I will be home today... I wish you the very best" :)
The baby and I met up with some friends and hit the town to do some shopping.
It's always fun to do this with a small group. I like to see what others can find for their homes. It's a good way to get to know people and their style.

My budget was $50 dollars.
The things I was looking for...
1. side tables (one for each side of my vintage pink sofa)
2. pressed back antique chairs (for my dining room)
First stop: GOODWILL....
Amy Dee (left) was the one who did great here, Julie (right) had to help hold her finds for the photo.

 She got some great frames and a mirror (all to be painted), a curtain panel (fabric for pillows), and some glassware (to be painted and most likely used for jewelry).
Next stop: SALVATION ARMY...
Amy found two really cute curtain panels.
Amy Dee found a vintage milk glass lamp.
 (perhaps for the baby girl's room... hooray for a GIRL!)
Though not on my list... I had to buy this camo coat for my B-Boy.
He was happy to have it.

Next stop: FURNITURE ZONE...
Julie bought a beautiful little Florentine tissue box.
This is where things kinda fell apart for me. No, I didn't go crazy and blow my budget. However, my sweet baby Finley who didn't make a peep that day decided this was the perfect place to have a blow out poopy diaper. So, I didn't do well documenting the rest of the girl's finds.
Here's what I found...
I love this little side table. It just needs a fresh coat of white paint. I probably created a dilemma; now I need to find a matching one because it fits perfectly next to my sofa.
Since I wasn't finding the pieces I was hoping for, I splurged on some Ironstone.
The good stuff... I love it!
I had to pass on this beauty...
I'm afraid the PINK Buick was not in my budget :)
So, here's what I spent... (plus $2 dollars for B-boy's coat)
It was a good day. All my friends did well too. Great finds and well under their personal budgets. I hope to be able to follow up with them and show you some of their completed projects.
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  1. call me next time you go shopping

  2. You found some great finds! Nice to get those independence days! Traci

    1. yes... those days are definately needed! love your furniture makeovers Traci. i've been wanting to ask you how you like having a booth at the Brass Armadillo? you'll have to let me know how that's going.

  3. What a smart shopper you are! Cute table and little boy!

    Found you through Savvy Southern Style!!! Woo Hoo!

    1. why thank you! and yes... i love Savvy Southern Style too.

  4. Great finds, sorry about the blowout diaper. Doesn't that always happen at the wrong time? Those are great ironstone pieces, they're very pricey in my ares now. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Great self-control! Whenever I set a limit, I find that big thing I've been looking for forever! Looks like a fun day with the girls.

    p.s. I've got a granddaughter named Finley. :@

  6. Nothing better than a day of junkin/thrifting!! Nice finds :))

  7. How fun! Love that little table!

  8. What great fun!!! Great finds and I love the ironstone...

  9. Good for you! We Mommas have to take care of ourselves! Great finds!