Friday, April 13, 2012

master bathroom... a work in progress

We've been working on projects around here. Here's what we look like on most days with our respirators on. Amazing...I know:)

I've really been wanting to complete at least one room. So I set my sights on my bathroom. I think it's going to be my favorite room in our home. The husband went to work on refinishing the old claw foot tub. (i don't have a before pic) It turned out beautiful! Nice work babe.

Well, as the story goes... we had a little set back. Brett decided he was going to surprise me one evening by getting the tub inside and set. I was gone with little miss, so the boys went to work. They managed to get the tub inside without any problems. I have no idea how Brett manages to move such big heavy pieces by himself but he does. All was going well until the end when B-boy knocked this purple glue/sealing agent out of Brett's hand.
The good news is that it did not get on the beautifully refinished tub. The bad news is it got on everything else and that stuff STAINS. There is no chemical to remove this bad boy! All Brett could do at that point was open all the windows to air out the home and wait for me to get home as they both had a good coat of this stuff on them as well. So, Brett pulled off surprising me! I took my little boy to my moms and soaked him in a tub. It took a few days for the purple to wear off his skin. Brett cleaned up as best he could. Then we took the next couple days to try to get the bathroom cleaned up. Brett didn't want to pull out the floor boards so he decided to scrape it all up with his chisel. Then he stained and finished that part of the floor again. I used a couple coats of stain blocking primer and then four coats of paint on the walls and trim. I think we covered it up pretty well.
Well, perhaps one of these days I will get to complete a room. If you knew my husband as a boy and all that he put his parents through I think you would say the same thing my mom did: "Honey, I think Brett has it coming to him." These boys are sure sweet but they are a handful to deal with on a daily basis:) Lord, please help me!

So we are still alive and well. Just dealing with our own series of unfortunate events. Hope to do a "bathroom reveal" soon. Stay tuned!


  1. Was refinishing your tub a huge job? Is it something "normal folk" could do on their own? Ours needs to be refinished, but I've heard it's around $500 to hire out. Cute blog, cute family!!

    1. hey jen. it's a pretty big job. we sanded the inside and outside with brett's orbital sander ($50). that's easy enough. i guess what it comes down to is the refinishing for the inside of the tub. we used: Rust-oleum Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit. (bought it at menards) Here's a link:
      Brett of course has a sprayer and used that. The kit does say it can be brushed on or rolled on as well. so, i would say read all about it on the kit and decide if you feel like you can do it. and then for the outside of the tub we just brush painted it with our wall color paint. that part is really easy as well.

  2. Hi. I have a tub like this in my garage to redo. I was planning to use the same product on it. How well has it held up so far? Also, from where did you get your faucet and plumbing?

    I clicked over from your bathroom reveal; Very nice job! Your bathroom is very vintage and very charming. :)

    ~Rachel @ The Olde Farmhouse on Windmill Hill

    1. hi rachel,
      so far it's great. time will tell and i need more of that before i will know for sure. we bought the faucet at Menards...and i am pretty sure my husband had to go to a more specialized plumbing store to get all the plumbing parts for the tub. we are lucky to have a 3rd generation plumbing store in des moines that carries things for vintage plumbing fixtures. i hope refinishing your tub goes well!